The aim of the 3rd China-Europe Symposium on Processing and Properties of Reinforced Polymers is to introduce new research and application results. This conference pays special attention to the establishment and enhancement of direct connections among the participants, and provides consultation possibilities for students. For that reason there is only one section at the conference, and the oral presentations are 15-minute-long followed by 3-5 minutes of discussion. The poster section is preceded by 5-minute-long PowerPoint presentations held by the authors of the posters when the problems can be revealed and the methods of solution can be summarized briefly, then the results can be discussed at the posters. This symposium breaks with the atmosphere of conventional, impersonal conferences organized by the dozen, and aims to provide homely programs for fewer people and on the other hand to ensure a high scientific standard, as well as to introduce the local culture and customs. The quality of the conference is hallmarked by the well-known, world-famous plenary speakers and by the strict professional selection of the journal connected to this conference, (Plastics, Rubbers and Composites and eXPRESS Polymer Letters), which will publish the selected papers. The standard of the conference is also increased by a simultaneous product exhibition, Composites on Tour 2, which enables Europe's leading designers and composite experts to get to know the newest high-tech products and prototypes.



Honorary chairmen: Christian G'Sell and Shu-Lin Bai
Chairmen: Tibor Czigány, György Marosi and Ming Qui Zhang

International Advisory Board
S. L. Bai, A. Bledzki, T. Czvikovszky, A. Dahoun, C. G'Sell, P. Hornsby, J. Karger-Kocsis, L. Kollár, Y. W. Mai, B. Pukánszky, M. Z. Rong, K. Schulte, M. Q. Zhang, Z. Zhang, M. Zrínyi

Local Comittee
T. Bárány, I. Csontos, Z. Mezey, L. Mészáros, G. Romhány, A. Toldy, G. Tóth


Preliminary registration: 31 January 2007
Abstract: 31 January 2007
Final registration: 15 April 2007
Full paper: 15 July 2007